Out and About

Saturday we resumed our normal morning schedule and headed out to The Bay for Declan's skate school. I've been SO nervous about taking the twins and I shouldn't have been. They did awesome! It's like the noise was soothing. Maybe the sound machine companies should add a skating feature? ;)
After skate school we wandered down to the new Rail Yard. Our city recently added a new entertainment area called the Rail Yard which sits next to our brand spankin' new arena. It's awesome down there and it's only half done. This HUGE screen is in the "yard" and we checked out a little Saturday football while daddy got a pizza.
 This cool dude was outside of Mellow.Mushroom Pizza. 
 I walked and Declan sprinted around the new arena:
I'm so excited to be getting out and doing normal family things with our party of 5. The twinkies sure do get a lot of attention (that double stroller is a beast). Declan is such a proud foster brother....until they cry and then he wants us to ditch them on the corner or something. Normal 5 year old behavior, right?! ;)

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happymomof2 said...

Yep completely normal 5 yr old behavior! LOL!!! Glad that you all are getting out and about. I have a double stroller that's a side by side (before with my first two kiddos I had the other type of double stroller), there just isn't a double stroller out there that isn't cumbersome etc!! Although the side by side isn't as heavy and is easy to maneuver than the other kind. Good luck, hope you all are able to get out to enjoy some more family of 5 activities especially with Fall here!!