date night

Declan and I had a little date night Sunday. His favorite place on earth, the local skate park, had a video  contest at a theatre downtown. We had heard the skaters were dressing up so we busted out Declan's bow tie. Let's just say he received a LOT of attention from everyone. He was such a ham and loved every moment. He would break dance and brag about "dropping in" and anything he could do to entertain. Fortunately, all the skaters thought he was rad. Ha!

Declan and his skate buddy, Owen:

Owen and his mama, Sara. She happens to be one of my best friends as well. ;)
 The red carpet with our little guys:
 This is Declan's skate coach, Matthew. Declan adores him! We do private lessons and I'll look up from reading and they'll both be full on dancing. Love it!

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