Apple Orchard

Sunday we met my sister-in-law and her family out at a nearby apple orchard. The trip was almost cut short when neither baby would take a cold bottle. We have created diva babies. I kid, I kid. But I've seriously googled "portable bottle warmer". We decided to load them up semi hungry (I held one, Mark pushed the other) and off we went. It ended up being so fun. Declan stayed nearby which is unheard of. Makes life easier, that's for sure.

Our life is so chaotic, so out of the norm but it's our little reality and it's filled with blessings (and spit up and whining and a messy house and foster drama). Thankful for where we are right now. It really feels like it is where God wants us to be (why God, why?!) ;)
 One of my biggest supporters, my SIL Jess. She too is adopted and never questions our sanity in all our new adventures. I loved looking over at her trying to feed my foster son (who wasn't having it). She was swaying and singing like she would do with any of her nieces or nephews. Warmed my heart.
 Maybe not how it will look like forever. Babies will likely go home. But, for now, us:
 cousins are the best:


happymomof2 said...

((HUGS)), you all are AWESOME!!! I would like to say that I could do what you all are doing but I just don't know if my heart could handle it! Those two babies (and Declan too) are very lucky and blessed to have such a wonderful family in their lives.

Anonymous said...

They do have a bottle warmer that plugs into the lighter in the car. I think Munchkin makes it. I have one since I had a baby that wouldn't take a cold bottle either.