Intake interview: CHECK

Mark and I made the ever-thrilling drive to Omaha on Friday morning for our intake interview that we've waiting a month and a half for. It's basically the beginning of the home study process. We met with a really nice gal from the Children's Home and went over questions/concerns first and then jumped right in to the interview process. She asked us questions about how we met, what our dating life was like, what made us want to get married, how we spend our time these days, our family background, etc, etc. I realized how freaking long we've been together!! It's hard to remember my life pre-Mark. We met and started our friendship almost 9 years ago! It's REALLY crazy that we'll be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary this month.

The only 2 slightly humiliating things said in the interview went something like this:
("K" is the intake coordinator, "M" is Mark)
First embarrassing moment:
K: (to Mark) "Do you or Ashley suffer from any mental illnesses, any diagnosed problems with depression or anxiety disorders?"
M: "Well, Ashley doesn't handle stress very well" (at this point I turned to him STUNNED...not many people could handle the stress associated with my job and I think, considering everything going on in our lives, I do a relatively good job handling stress. He later apologized but I'm pretty sure he still feels that way.
Second embarrassing moment:
K: (to Mark) "What do you and Ashley do with your free time?" (I was thinking of a million things...take our dogs to the park, go to sporting events, hang out with family/friends, do mundane things grocery shopping, etc)
M: Watch TV.

So anywho. It was a great experience and we're super excited for our next step: ADOPT (A Day of Parent Training) classes in July. Yes, July. Until then, we have a stack of books to read about adoption and the plethora of things you'd never know you needed to know about it. Overall, this process is amazing compared to fertility treatments. We just feel so hopeful and excited about the future and not sad and spent. It was really strange to be driving to Omaha with Mark and not going to get poked or ultrasounded or inseminated. When we drove pass the exit for my reproductive endocrinologist and had to fight the urge to exit the interstate because I did it for 13 months! Praise God for fresh beginnings and for the joy this process has already created in our lives. :)


km said...

That is exciting...it's encouraging to read about your outlook on this whole process. And leave it to a guy to say those kinds of things! Heehee.

Hannah said...

Are you hoping for a child from the US or are you looking abroad?

Ashley said...

We are doing domestic adoption. Someday, when our finances allow, we'd LOVE to do international adoption!

Shauna said...

This is an awesome journey you are on and I wish you the best.

CourtneyHope said...

soo... what kind of tv shows do you watch ;)

love reading about your journey- thanks for sharing...love you guys.

nunface said...

Hey, Ashley! I just found your blog. How exciting that you guys are adopting! I have to admit though, at first glance, with the gorgeous pics of your pups, I thought this was a blog devoted to dog adoption. I read the content of said blog and found out that that was not the case. Which makes me even more excited to hear you're adopting a child in human form! Good luck to you guys!

Mama Bear said...

good luck on your journey. We adopted a baby girl in july 2006- and it has been the most amazing and wonderful thing to ever happen to us!!!! I still remember how good it felt for me to swith from ttc and the Re to adopting! if you ever have any questions - I would be happy to share our experience - my blog mostly talks about adoption or just life in general!
good luck again!

becklaw said...

i have to admit I had to chuckle when I read about your embarrassing moments in the interview because that is SO what Chris would say in that situation. Guys don't exactly think about the heartfelt things, unless they are being prompted. I'm SO excited the process has begun! Yippee! love you girl!

becklaw said...

i forgot to say congrats to you auntie! :) Ohh, we DEFINITELY must hit up the farmer's market. I will be back in June, I am FOR SURE going on the 14th, so I hope we can go together! miss you lots!

~S said...

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Thank you
~S (AKA: Thoughts from My Life)

Becky said...

I've been where you are! It's exhausting and so exciting at the same time! Blessings to you on this journey! Feel free to visit me and ask any questions! Praying your a mom really soon!! My latest post is about remembering you on Mother's Day, I know it's hard!

Tracey said...

I found your blog by 4 days in a week....and I am going through an aboption too. We are filling out paperwork, waiting on our fingerprints to come back from the FBI and making our birthmother scrapbook...God Bless on your journey.

becklaw said...

I keep checking and checking...sadly no update. Where have you been sister?!? I miss you! Can't wait to see you in a few weeks! Lots of hugs and kisses, love!

Emily said...

That reminds me of one of our homestudy visits! http://daisyface.blogspot.com/2007/07/i-am-just-barrel-of-fun.html

Loving your excitement & "fresh start" attitude - adoption is an amazing journey ! Good luck! :)

Emily said...

Well I'm glad you'll visit...here's another little odd factoid for you: my SISTER'S name is Ashley!...but, one thing I MUST disagree with you about....I'm just going to say GO HAWKS! :D

Melba said...


Just found your blog through Tracey and thought I'd say hi. I so share your joy about the relief of switching from infertility treatments to adoption! While it's still a long and sometimes overwhelming process, adoption is filled with hope and promise...SO unlike treatment for infertility! Anyway...I wish you all the best with your adoption. Feel free to check out my blog if you're interested...we're also in the process of domestic infant adoption. :)

Have a wonderful day,

Our Journey to Parenthood Blog

Muskie Mom said...

Just found your blog. Welcome to the wonderful world of adoption. We adopted our little girl in August, 2006 and she is such a blessing. I look forward to following your journey.

Amber said...

I have checked in on your blog a few times. I wish you luck with your adoption. What agency are you going through? We were pursuing adoption, but then had a cousin offer to be a gestational surrogate for us. I do my trigger shot tonight and have my egg retrieval on Thursday. Also, what RE did you use? I go to Heartland in Omaha. Our site is:
Best of luck to you! Amber