Busy body doesn't begin to describe it...

Declan is a very busy child.
He runs away from us when he knows he is doing something he shouldn't.
He is always moving...a pin ball machine until nap or bedtime.
Delcan is also a climber. It's amazing we've only had one ER visit.

I laughed when his favorite teacher at daycare asked how we get anything done? We don't. Ha!

This morning my bestie invited us for a play date. I gave Declan some yogurt in his handy dandy suction cup bottomed bowl. I spent about 2 minutes changing my clothes and this is what happened in my short absence:
Yes, a very CUTE but guilty face. What, mom? So a bath was definitely in order. After the bath he dumped a sippy of milk over his head (our dog had conveniently chewed the tip off of it). Niiice. Bath #2.

My husband got this great shot this weekend. Declan has a shopping cart that his grandparents got him for his adoption day. He loves to get IN it. Not so safe but he's actually getting good at getting back out so we indulge him while closely watching.

By the way, I'm not complaining. Declan's energy and exuberance are his best qualities. We can't wait to see how this craziness plays out someday in playing sports or doing music or whatever his little heart desires. :)


Anonymous said...

Sounds a lot like our house, too! Evie's favorite climbing spots right now are on top of our lounge chairs on the deck, on top of a low rocking chair, on the hearth and inside her potty. By the way, the Sassy suction bowl set (interchangeable suction piece and 3 bowls with lids) has better suction than the Boon one. We've tried both! :)

KLTTX said...

Sounds like Samuel too. Soooo busy. The kid never sits still and loves to climb. I think the climbing is just their way of giving mom and dad a heart a attack. I really need to get one of those suction bowls so he can start self feeding with a spoon.

happymomof2 said...

It must be a BOY thing!!! My son is the same way- and I wasn't prepared for it given that we had our daughter first- they are COMPLETE opposites. He is a daredevil in every since of the word. He is on the go at all times (until he is sleeping). I just got him in gymnastics this fall. Let me tell you those 45 minutes on Monday mornings are great! To sit back and watch someone else chase him etc... (they are always commenting on how fast he is-LOL! They have started keeping him on a "short leash" ) and to see how much fun he is having. My husband and I are surprised we haven't had to make an ER run yet. We are trying to come up with a way to build a climbing structure in our basement for him- LOL! Good luck BOYS are sooooo much fun:)

Life and Adoption! said...

He is SO ADORABLE! I can't wait for my little boy!

TXMom2B said...

I hear you! My little guy sounds so much like Declan. Never a dull moment.