2012, it's been real...

What a fabulous year 2012 has been! Despite the emotional roller coaster of our failed match in April, this year has been packed full of great memories. Work has been a windfall of blessing which has lead to us finally being debt freeeeee (cue Dave.Ramsey music) and allowed us to fulfill the dream of building our new family home. Though we were super confident baby #2 would come to us in 2012, it has been fun to be our little crew of 3. A little look back....
We took a Vegas trip with my office which was a huge highlight of a normally boring month.
 We had an abnormally small amount of snow this winter but there was one big storm in February and Declan milked it for all it was worth. :)
 We had lots of fun outdoors in March. It was so mild. Our first sunburns came from a fun day at the baseball stadium.
 Ah, April. We got a little beat up in between meeting our potential birth mother, creating a sweet nursery, meeting our precious potential daughter and learning that the adoption would not happen. Such heartache. But, God is good and we held each other a little tighter and moved forward.
 After nearly 5 months of training for my first half marathon, I ran the last 4 miles only (because of injury) with my running partner, Sara. Even though I didn't get to complete the whole half, the experience was amazing.
 My brother got married to my sister-in-law Heather. It was so fun to see family and share their special day. It was also a whirlwind month of crazy busy work (but we slipped in pool time nonetheless). Check out Declan the photo bomber:
 We were able to hang out with a lot of out of town friends the month of July. In addition, we hosted a 4th of July party, hit up some outdoor concerts where Declan fearlessly danced and made friends with strangers and, again, took up space at the local pool.
Mr Decs turned 4 in style with a Sonic birthday party. We also took a little family vacay to Great.Wolf.Lodge. Declan threw out the first pitch at a Saltdogs game as a rep for Nebraska.Children's.Home. 
 Such a fun month like usual! My sister was in town and ran her first 5k, Declan played soccer again, and we had a blast at Mahoney.State.Park.
 Ahh, I love Fall! We spent the day at Valas.Pumpkin.Patch and another at Roca.Berry.Farm with family. Our little Luigi hammed it up like expected.
 November was a blur. I had too many closings to handle this month. Got it done but I don't think we did much except visit the new house and just get by. We did have family pics, though!
Halle-lu-yer (in my best Oprah voice)!! December slowed us down. Work was slow, sickness was plenty and boxes began getting packed. 
Our 2012 was blessed. Very blessed indeed. I still believe God's plans for us are big. Can't wait for their reveal. Next year will be a fresh new year to grow as a family. My prayer is that we stay in the center of God's will. With our jobs, future children and with our marriage.
Thankful for what has happened and excited to see what is to come...

And, this guy, he is THE BEST.


happymomof2 said...

Awesome, positive post! Loved it!! Happy New Year, and may 2013 bring you even more joys and happiness!!!!

ash said...

Oh I love this! You are an amazing woman, awesome mother and fantastic wife! I'll be praying for your 2013!