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I am SO excited we have finally completed a huge project: landscaping. My dad is a talented landscaper and he lead the charge on this entire project. It just feels more home-y. We spend lots more time up front (partly because we love it and partly because we are watering 3 times a day).
 We have missed our pool time this year. I can't remember the last time in Nebraska that June didn't consist of day after day of heat. This past month was more mild than not but we snuck a few pool days in.
 Little sunshine but lots of storms. C'mon, Nebraska. Let's get this straightened out.
 Mark and Declan are loving their time together this summer. I get cute pictures like this while I'm working. Riding the train at the zoo:
 This sweet boy continues to bless our family. Can't imagine not having him around:
This is summer!! BBQ and sweetcorn on Papa & Nana's deck with the cousins:

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Tracey Brumlik said...

The house is looking great!