Declan has been doing Tae Kwon Do and really enjoying it. 
I love this captured moment. 
He was in awe of "the big kids":
 Taking the littles to Tae Kwon Do usually means distracting them after 4 minutes 
(that's their attention span when watching Decs…ha!):
 Another preschool mama sent this to me. Cutie!!!
 I hate early morning but a sunrise always renews my spirt. 
 A little early morning drumming. More coffee, please:
 Declan was SO proud of his "Plants Vs. Zombies" mask. 
I cry-laughed when he declared that he cut his own eye holes:
 Wednesday my bestie and I went to see Jillian Michaels live. SO FUN.
 "Take a pic and send it to Uncle Erik. It's Honest Abe's"
(Mark's brother owns an Abe Lincoln themed burger joint)
 Visiting the animals at the Humane Society:

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Cullen said...


Not to make you think I'm a stalker, but I found you through my wife (she found you through your adoption through the Nebraska Children's home - adopted our son through there in 2010. Anywho, I was in Lincoln this past Friday and as I was turning to get back on the interstate by the stadium I saw a billboard that you are on and as I drove by it I thought "damn, she looks familiar, where do I know her from?" Then it clicked that it was you and I chuckled to myself. Then in reading this post I see that you are related to the genuius behind Honest Abe's Burgers?!?!?! I had to write and tell you that my buddy and I ate there after the Spartan Sprint race in October and it was simply dreamy. One of the best burgers I've had. I would seriously drive from Omaha to Lincoln just to eat there. So basically I just wanted to say, Hey! love your blog and REALLY love your brother-in-law's burger joint! My wife and I will be eating there after the Lincoln Half in May. Speaking of that, that's how I discovered Ben Davis, was your blog and you meeting him at the Lincoln half a couple a years ago. Then I became a fan of his blog and based my blog off his theory of doing life. Small world!

Omaha, NE