July 7th our sweet Brooks turned 3. This little boy has my heart. When he was first placed with us he was so unsure, so disconnected. He was quiet and his smiles few and far between. Now, though he's a little shy around people he doesn't know, he's a different kid. His temperament is chill but he is also super strong willed (I swear we get no break in this department). He settled in to his three-nager status quickly but I wouldn't change his little fiery streak for anything...he'll need it some day. 

Thanks for never letting me miss a single piece of construction equipment we drive by. Thank you for busting out the garage door and greeting me at my car (sometimes giving me a heart attack....at this point I shouldn't be surprised you are there). Thanks for making sure our water maker is working on the fridge by playing with it 100 times a day and also turning on the hose every time you go out back though you know it's not allowed.  Happy 3rd to my little white haired, blue eyed, precious little man. 

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Heather said...

Three-nager is such a good term!! Heath is still like that with the hose and the water maker, and the exuberance, the defiance, and the love!

Been wondering about you guys.

Thanks for the mini update

Mrs H