December Photo Project 2015

I love participating in the December Photo Project every year. It's hosted by my friend and fellow foster mama, Rebecca. 
Day 1, flowers from a client:
Day 2, my office is so festive:
Day 3, our sweet old lady:
Day 4, someone peed their pants and someone else forgot to send pants:
Day 5, Husker V.ball game with my girl:
Day 6, spaghetti night with the cousins:
Day 7, hit a huge goal of mine: 310 lb squat:
Day 8, merry and bright:
Day 9, off to Colorado:
Day 10, lots of fresh powder:
Day 11, loving Breck:
Day 12, back to reality and a Tae Kwon Do testing:
Day 13, new artwork of my favorite 3:
Day 14, haircuts for the littles:
Day 15, getting cards out:
Day 16, our favorite weekend visitor:
Day 17, love this little lady:
Day 18, traditional santa visit and carousel rides:
Day 19, sweet pups:
Day 20, pulled tooth with hot cocoa reward:
Day 21, the table was all cleaned by the boys...ha:
Day 22, monster cookie tradition:
Day 23, my boys Christmas morning:
**some how I missed a couple days?! Oh well! Merry Christmas. ;)

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