A weekend of fun...

This last weekend was a busy one!! My friend Beck was in town from Tennessee so we headed down to the Farmer's Market with Stacy, Linda and her little man. Here is a quick picture we took:

If you get down to the Farmer's Market don't forget the delicious kettle corn and blueberry scones!

That night, we met Tom, Kristi, Justin, and Jailyn down at Old Chicago for some yummy grub. It was nice chance to catch up with good friends. We had to finish the night with Cold Stone of course! Here's a pic:

Sunday, we celebrated Father's Day first with Mark's Dad and then with my Dad. It was a day of eating. Not necessarily a bad thing. ;) It was great to spend time with the family even though we wish our missing sisters and brothers (on both sides) were there! I have to post a super cute picture of my brother Shaun with his son Shauny. My brother is a musician so I couldn't resist buying this shirt for my nephew. Too cute, huh?!?

On the adoption front....we will likely remain mostly in the dark until the baby is born. The birthparents are going back and forth between parenting or adopting. We continue to remain supportive no matter what and always try to remember they are going through a super hard time right now trying to make a decision that will affect them the rest of their lives.

We are looking forward to having the birthparents over to our house this weekend for some fajitas! Yum! The agency encourages us, as potential adoptive parents, to have the birthparents see our home the the possible future nursery for their baby. It should be a good time...we get along with them really well.

Our agency certainly keeps us busy! We are knee deep in paperwork and are needing to get some finger prints and physicals done ASAP. Time seriously gets away from us so quick! We both individually meet with our caseworker next week ifor our next step in this home study. We still have a ways to go but the progress is encouraging.


amber d said...

I was just thinking about you last night and where you were at with the parents of that baby. I am sure that is so hard and stressful not knowing what they are going to do. Sometimes it just doesn't seem fair when you want to be a good parent so bad and things aren't working out the way we want.

Tracey said...

All the paperwork kept us occupied and made the time go by quickly. It took 5 weeks for our fingerprints to come back. We have our homestudy appointment on Wednesday and interviews next week. We don't have any perspective parents yet. They'll start showing are scrapbook in July.

You'll see the time will go by quickly. Working on the nursery helped keep us busy too.

Best of luck...God Bless

joy-filled said...

Sounds like you had a fun weekend! Cold Stone is the best! Thanks for keeping us updated on the adoption process. That's great that they let you have the birthmother and father over! That's so good that you get along well.

becklaw said...

Love the picture!~ Talk to you soon!