8 months old!

Hanging with Aunt Kellie (we loved when she visited us from St. John)

Today Declan is 8 months old. To say that "time flies" is an understatement! 

Declan is:
-18 lbs 
-eating 8 oz bottles and 2 meals a day. He also loves to munch on puffs.
-sporting 4 teeth.
-wearing 12-18 month pants and 6-9//6-12 month shirts
-not sleeping as well as he use to. We're lucky if he's down 9pm-7am. Hopefully 8p-8am will re-join our lives soon.
-drinking from a sippy cup and learning to grab food and feed himself.

Declan loves to:
-pull up on anything or anyone nearby.
-crawl like there is no tomorrow...this kid is FAST.
-go on stroller rides...even on crabbiest day, a walk always makes for a happy boy.
-play with mom's keys and water bottle.
-watch Noggin in the morning...Toot and Puddle!
-be tossed around and thrown in the air.
-stand in the crib and "yell" for mom and dad.

We just love our animated little man. He grows and changes every day and it's amazing to see. We're just SOOO blessed. :)


E said...

I just love checking out his pictures...he's such a happy little guy!!

Melba said...

yes, a huge understatement!! I can't believe he's already 8 months old, but I love the list of all the things he does. That will be a real treasure for you (and him) someday!