Me? Really!? ;)

I got nominated for a fun little award from a fellow blogger, Simply Complex. Check out what she has to say- she's witty, has a sweet little 7 month old that looks like he could be Declan's brother, and has a cute doggie to boot. 
Here's my task...
* Share 7 things you LOVE.

1. First and foremost, I love my family. My husband is my best friend and I wouldn't want to do life without him. My son makes my heart smile a million times a day. I could go on and on about how fabulous my parents, in-laws, grandparents, all my siblings, their kiddos, etc are. My favorite moments are spent with them.
2. I love my dog children. Jack and Sophie keep us active and laughing. I was nervous that they would take a back seat when Declan joined our lives, but they haven't. 
3. If you know me in real life, there are days this isn't true, but I do love my job. I have the flexibility to work part time and earn a full time wage. I can bring little D with me to the office if I need to and I work with fun people in an energetic and challenging environment.
4. I love TV. When Declan goes down at night, Mark and I gear up to watch our shows. Some of our favorites are American Idol, Friday Night Lights, Lost, Hells Kitchen, Survivor, The Bachelor, ER (RIP), The First 48, Dancing with the Stars. There's more. I'm embarrassed to admit that there's more, but there are.
5. I love to Recycle and other "green" things. I'm trying to convince those in my life, one by one, to recycle. It's amazing how much waste we throw away and recycling is just one small step that we can do to be good stewards to this earth we've been given. 
6. I love Dt. Mountain Dew. I could drink it all day long. I've spent 3 days with a horrible headache because I'm trying to break my DMD habit. Wish me luck. 
7.  I love organizing things. I feel most sane when my house is clean and organized which doesn't happen that often and definitely doesn't stay that way long. I get a ridiculous amount of joy by organizing a space. Weird, I know. 


Simply Complex said...

1. What's not to love? Declan is soo cute1

2. Uh, what's not to love? Awesome boxer pups.

3. Me too.

4. Oooooh, Lost, Hell's Kitchen, The Bachelor...I don't have TV but thank goodness for the internet. You should try The Mentalist. Good Stuff.

5. It is amazing how much we throw away. Absolutely crazy really. I'm in your 'green' club!

6. As you know, for me, it's DDP. (I feel your pain)

7. You wanna come visit? I swear that I won't make you work...Promise.


Simply Complex said...

Where are my manners?

Thanks for playin'

Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

it is amazing how many POUNDS a month we recycle just by throwing them into a different box instead of the trash-can--so simple!
We also don't have tv, but we watch 3 shows per week on Hulu.com
Heroes (really, that's more for stefan:)
and Lie to Me (SO GOOD)