10 months old!!

Declan is...
-so full of personality...every day he has a cute new quirk.
-recently very fond of bath time. This means mom is soaked at the end but it's worth it.
-still sleeping through the night 8:30-7:30 (except last week when a cold + 3rd bottom tooth interrupted everything).
-a picky eater. We're working on it but his main favorites are pureed fruits, waffles, toast and puffs. On occasion, he'll eat pulled pork or small pieces of chicken. He hates tofu.
-on the verge of walking! He likes to climb, cruise, fall then cry. Repeat.
-enjoying overnight stays at Nana & Papa's (2 this month)! We like them too. :)
-A D O R A B L E

Geesh- seems I need to start planning a FIRST birthday party. Craziness.


RB said...

I can't believe D is almost a year old! Time flies :)

Robin said...

My gosh, how is it possible that he is 10 months old already? I remember when you first brought him home. He seemed so much younger than my baby girl and she's only 12 1/2 months old now!

Doripink said...

crazy!!!! I know...10 months! Our 2 little D's are 10 months already! Holy Moly! I would love to see the 2 of them together!

Did I tell you D got his first tooth!

birthmothertalks said...

I can't wait to see pictures of him with cake all over his face.

Melba said...

Hard to believe...a whole year has already almost come and gone!! He is adorable, that's for sure!

Hey, when you have time (yeah right!) can you email me at melbatoastloveatgmaildotcom? I have a couple questions about making baby food and I'd love to get your advice! :)