Daddy's Boy

Declan's been a major daddy's boy recently. It melts my heart.

I think Mark's appreciating all the snuggles and loving his little boy is giving him.
We're going through a lot of madness over here that I'll blog about later (economy related) so it's good to remember what really matters. Keep snuggling with daddy, little man, just don't forget your mama needs an open mouth kiss and squeeze once in awhile.


birthmothertalks said...

Those are some beautiful pictures with him with his Daddy. Thanks for sharing the sweet pictures.

Melba said...

SO precious! Still one of my favorite things about finally being a mom is seeing my husband be a dad. Seems strange to say, but it just fills me with joy to see those two together. :)

Hope you guys are OK!


Rebekah said...

Really beautiful pictures, Ashley.