It's been an interesting month. I've been eluding to some craziness in our nest. I've finally be able to exhale and gather my thoughts.

My husband's company closes their doors tomorrow.

As the shock wore off I began to get sad. I'm sad for Mark and sad for the wonderful people he works with. His company is in the medical field and there weren't any indications of trouble on the horizon so the closing came as quite the blind side.

Fortunately my husband is the coolest cucumber you've ever met. Nothing rattles him. I freak out enough for the both of us. As a million things ran through my head (self paying insurance, draining our savings, months and months of unemployment) Mark stayed pretty positive that it would all work out.

Now I come to the title of this post. Faith. In complete transparency, there were days I had great faith. I knew we were blessed. We most definitely would be fine. But, honestly, there were days my twisted faithless mind would have us renting a shack and selling all our belongings to keep food on the table.

This faith struggle is something I need to work on. Why? Because, no matter what, God always provides. He doesn't necessarily provide in the way WE think. Every mountain and valley can not go perfectly to plan. I can tell you this, for a type A planner, I need to continue to learn to loosen my grip.

As Mark's current chapter closes and a new one begins (he starts at a new company Wednesday) I am thankful for the journey. This journey- no matter what- is bathed in God's provision.

With that, I exhale.


Melba said...

Wow, big news! I've been wondering, and a bit concerned for you. But it sounds like you guys are doing better than could be expected with such a shock hitting you like that.

I will be keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers...you just keep on exhaling!


Rebekah said...

These our scary times for sure. Just as God provided you your beyond-incredible miracle, he will take care of you now too!

Thank God for cucumber-type hubbies. I'm married to one too! :)

Denver Jen said...

This must have been so stressful. I'm so glad that he has found something new so quickly. I'm sure you are still a bit on edge but I'm so glad that things have worked their way out- especially before the holidays. I am very Type A and so I can completely relate to an enhanced level of anxiety and planning around everything!

I'm glad for your news!

jesshustad said...

look at that cute face! that nephew of mine is certainly adorable!! we are all so blessed. and ps: you would never live in a shack. we'd have you cram in our little apt before we'd let that happen. :) love you!

E said...

It's sad about another company closing down and many people losing their jobs. That's good news that your hubby has somewhere new to work. Best of luck to him in his new position!

TXMom2B said...

Ugh, I remember the horrible shock of my hubby losing his job (years ago now, but the memory is still fresh). I'm so glad he found another job so quickly!