Gymnastics Outing

This morning we had a fun little outing with cousin Asher at a local gymnastics place. From a mother with a son with loads of energy, this will now be a permanent part of our schedule. Some favorites from today:

Here's Declan not quite loving the zip line yet. I know he's a little young, but he has some serious upper body strength so I thought it was worth a try. He basically goes out on the zip line but doesn't let go. It was so funny.


happymomof2 said...

We LOVE open gym time especially in the winter!!!!! My daughter takes gymnastics and my son was in gymnastics class however he wouldn't listen basically wanted to do his own thing. Anyhoo glad he liked it and that you all found something like this- also great on rainy days:)

Michelle said...

gymnastics is AMAZING! i went to one of the best gyms in the country, and it's so good for you physically as well as developing social & mental skills. i chose not to compete & just enjoy the sport. it was great!

kimbosue said...

Too cute! Can't wait for Miles to be big enough for those kind of places.