21 months! Baby to boy...

First and foremost, this past month my son has had a love affair with basketball. It's his happy place. It's the only toy he really likes to play with.

This past month he started rocking size SEVEN shoes, 2t shirts and shorts and started to move out of size 4 diapers to size 5. Is this a sign of impending potty training...these sizes run out soon, don't they?!

He's active 24/7 and never winds down. He's a climber and loves all things dangerous. This keeps us very much on our toes. I love that Decs started recognizing our house (he immediately says: Jack Jack & Mae Mee - our dogs as we pull in to the drive way), my dad's truck ("papa!!!" at any similar looking truck) and, just last night, recognized his cousin Asher's apartment building as we pulled up. 

Speaking of cousins, Declan got to meet the newest cousin, baby Evie. He's smitten and always wants to hold her. We're super excited Evie's mama and daddy chose to move back home.

One of the coolest things I've noticed this past month is Declan and his new little relationships. He talks about his favorite friends when we drive to daycare- CeCe and Ryker- over and over until we get there. He also calls his daycare provider "Nannie" (Natalie). He mentions his cousin, Asher, about 10 times a day. It's been fun to see him play like brothers with my best friends son, Luke. There are many pool dates in our future! 

And, for anyone not already bored with this post, here's a cute video from last night at the park:

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