My Sweet Daughter

Don't get too excited, folks. No daughter here.
[Baby fever has begun, though.]

Here's snippets of 2 conversations with total strangers today.

In Bath & Body Works:
(As Declan says "hiiiiiii" to anyone that would pay attention)
Lady behind counter: "Your daughter is so sweet"
Me: "Thanks, my son has tons of personality"
Lady behind counter: "Your SON- sorry I looked at the hair and not at the clothes"
Me: thinking but not talking- HUH?
(Declan made this one easy by signing "thank you" and saying byeeee- his favorite thing to do at stores. Do you think I take this child on too many errands? Whoops.)

Moving on to Victoria Secret:
Declan's charming everyone as usual as we wait in line.
Random lady: "My granddaughter socializes with everyone just like your daughter"
Me: "He's pretty fun!"
Random lady: "Sorry, hun. Thought he was a girl with that long hair. I had a daughter-in-law that couldn't give in to that first cut either. She even put it in a pony tail in the summer (gasps)."
Me: "No worries- to each their own, huh?"
Random lady- "So are you planning on cutting it soon? He has such a handsome face!"
Me: "Not at all- we think he rocks the mullet."
Random lady- awkward smile, walks away

Ha! I love the conversations the long hair is starting. Should I make a shirt that says "yes, my son's hair is long and, no, we have no current plans to cut it." Kidding, of course. 

C'mon now, he does "rock the mullet" don't you think? :)


Rebekah said...

Your title made me gasp! Now, I'm just laughing!!!!!

P.S. We have baby fever too.

Sam said...

He looks GREAT with a mullet! Ukulele, however, gets the opposite side of the conversation. People always tell me how handsome my son is. Even when she's wearing pink.
Go figure.
Hopefully she'll grow some more hair soon!

Kristin said...

yep, totally does not look like a girl...even with "long hair". love the comment to the lady at VS...not at all, we think he rocks the mullet! awkward! hahahaha!

kimbosue said...

Your daughter totally rocks the mullet!! *wink*

Holly said...

he looks adorable with his hair just like that! We have gotten 'him' and 'he' although we have a daughter.... even when she's wearing pink...

Melba said...
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Melba said...


1. Your title had me freaking out for a second, and OF COURSE...my internet connection crashed the second I clicked on your blog. Gees, the suspense!

2. D. DOES NOT look like a girl! People are just lame, seriously! I don't understand why they think it's any of their business anyway! Love your comments back though, too funny!

Great post...love the pictures!