And this year makes 25

When I met my husband, even before the dating began, I immediately heard Mahoney stories. His family (plus 2 other families) started packing up all 12 kids and going to a nearby state park for 4 days each Fall. This is my 9th year going and it's always a memory packed trip with lots of junk food, card games, football, park time, and more. These days our annual Mahoney trip is huge: of the 12 kids, 9 are married and have 4 kiddos. It's inevitable that we'll continue to expand. Bring it on! Despite Declan's boycott of all sleep, we had such a blast. This year, all 3 families celebrated 25 years of fun. Here's to 25 more!
the crazy crew
cake to celebrate

cook out
"football game"
gobble gobble

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happymomof2 said...

sounds awesome and looks like a ton of fun:)