Friday Dump

I decided Friday will be my official day to dump the photos I've taken with my iphone. It's been so fun to have such a portable camera with me since I'm a little - ya know- obsessed with pictures.
mmm...pumpkin muffin:
 just lovin' on mae mae:
 some snuggle time with baby Soren:
 Decs love to stack blocks!
 more mae mae cuddles (on the "dogless" couch..um yeah...):
 after a seizure scare last week, jack seems to be feeling better:
 gorge! (taken from the car when waiting for Mark to get off work):
 this is a notable moment b/c the dog beds are usually empty and they are on the couch:
 Decs wasn't so sure about the car wash:
 our favorite cold morning b.fast- oatmeal and blueberries:
Happy Friday!!

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