It's about that time..

...to start stressing about Christmas cards. Oh, yes, I will admit it. I spend waaay too long obsessing over the issue. I remember getting a card from a friend last year and loving not only the card but the back of it (a cute pattern). It's all in the details, peeps! So I took a mental note of Tiny Prints and knew they'd be the first I'd stalk this year. Without further adieu, my faves:                                               

I love all things yellow right now. And that pattern? So fab.
 I love the simple punch of this card.
 I've never been the "tell the story of our year" type of person but this card about converts me.
 So simple and clean! Love!
 I like how the picture is the main focus in this next card. The back has me pretty smitten too. Another cool thing about Tiny Prints is that you can add pics and writing on the back of all cards too.

We have family pics on Tuesday and I'm trying to decide on what card before then so we can coordinate to the card. Nerdalicious? Oh well.

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