Cherry on Top

This past week has been hard. I've been slammed at work and still trying to process everything that just happened. Fortunately, my man is amazing. He's such a silent rock. Not flashy or outspoken but solid and balanced. Two things I've not been for awhile. 

Amidst a rough day I received this text:
"I'm here for you. God has given us a lot...let's not forget that. We need to trust Him to provide for us like He always does. Anything more than we already have is just a cherry on top. God's grace is sufficient. Try to think about that when you're stressed. Love you."


Rebekah said...

God gives us good men to show us his love. God bless you guys. I know it's tough. Hang in there.

happymomof2 said...

WOW! That is awesome, I need that reminder some times too:) THANK YOU for sharing!!

Meg said...

This just made me cry---I feel like in adoption everyone is always talking about the next thing cause of the time to adopt. Sometimes I feel rushed to grow our family- and Eli is only 6 months old! This was a great reminder that I am blessed beyond my ability to even comprehend :) anything else just adds...thanks!