iPhone dump

Declan made "listening ears" at church and was oh, so proud of them.

Our drapes took 6 weeks to get in but are worth it. So happy and bright!

Sometimes I look over at Declan and feel like he's SO grown up. This was one of those moments:
Our new neighborhood lacks the trees like we are use to. This street makes me miss them!

Love this monkey:

Our office always has a March Madness/poker party. This was my first year participating and I left with more money than I brought. #winning

Fun play date with Dec's buddies! Shirts off? Why not?!

We are more than halfway through our Foster Care classes!! The licensing process require meds be locked away. I don't mind...I love organizing. ;)

Enjoying our days with this guy (he is in heart failure and won't be around much longer)


Rebekah said...

I LOVE your drapes!!! I took the chance to reorganize our linen closet, as well, so that our meds and cleaning supplies could be locked away, when we were going through the licensing process!

Bobbi said...

I wish I had made paw prints of my Great Dane mix before he died..Just a suggestion. On a positive note - your drapes are amazing!!