Spring Game

There is NO place like Nebraska. Serious. This picture is from yesterday's Spring Game. That's a glorified practice, folks. A practice with 60,000+ fans.

This was Declan's very first Husker game. I have friends that have taken their kiddos much younger than Decs but I know he doesn't sit for longer that 47 seconds and the games are a lot of work: you park far away, the stadium seating is cramped, etc etc. This Spring Game provided us the opportunity to spend a whole heck of a lot less on tickets than normal but get the Husker game day experience. Our good friend "Uncle Ryan" joined us which was the bees knees in Dec's mind. ;)
Among 60,000 fans we ran in to Nana & Papa!!
I can barely handle the cuteness:
Well, after waiting over 30 mins in our seats for the game to start, he lasted 3 minutes in to the first quarter. We had to bust out the trusty Iphone.
We definitely didn't stay until the end of the game (ahem halftime ahem) but quickly heard about a really special moment. There is a little boy named Jack who lives here in Nebraska and is battling a brain tumor. The team (specifically Rex Burkhead- # 22...Declan was representing) have rallied around him in such a huge way. At the end of the game he was given an opportunity to take a snap. Watch this video and grab a tissue. Even my guy friends said it made their allergies flare up. 

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KathleenSBass said...

I just cried my eyes out. Thank you for posting, especially happy to watch on a day when Boston friends are struggling in fear and uncertain times.
I have read your blog for years (since Declan was born!) and only check in infrequently, but I love your sweet boy's happy smile in EVERY picture, and your adoption story helped me through our own journey as we waited for our daughter.
Thanks again! Im praying this year sees your family grow in the happiest ways!