Declan loves "making recipes" these days. Unfortunately we are box bakers (hey, if Betty.Crocker got it right, who am I to mess with perfection?!)
 My dad is officially a full time realtor with me now. Here we are both writing offers. Yay!
 Crosby, my heart melter.
 Mark got laid off a month ago (blessing in disguise) so he's home with Declan and pursing a new career/schooling. I'm gone a lot more now and miss my baby! I came home to this ador-able chalk drawing. It says "I love you" and then has alternating chalk body drawings of Declan then Mark going all down the driveway. Made my day!
 Jack reincarnated! He always sat like that. ;)
Bags are packed...(see next post)


Meg said...

What are the bags packed for? Anniversary trip or a post yet to come? curious!

Allison said...

So curious about those bags too! (so curious it brought me out of lurking :-) )