Happy Place

Easily, all 3 of my boys are most happy when they are outside. They ride their bikes down the street and slow down seconds before a crash seems probable. They run through sprinklers when it's borderline chilly. They create secret existences with neighbor friends and take turn after turn on our two {beat up} motorized toys. "The bears are chasing us...change to speed zappo."
Daddy takes them on Burley rides even though his legs burn carrying 100+ lbs up and down hills in our area. 
After a long weekend of constant outdoor play, the boys ditched their toys proclaiming they had "nothing to do" and took off for the neighbor's house to play basketball. Not too long after, it became another sprinkler day...
After a year+ of begging, my husband finally gave in. A boy's dream right there in the backyard. Love you, babe!
I love to watch Decs and J together. They will go off on a little adventure and the gator gets stuck but they just figure out a way to get it free. Little problem solvers. Such good buddies.
For so many years Declan prayed for a brother. God is so good. These two are best friends (and sometimes enemies). True brotherhood. 


happymomof2 said...

:) love this post, makes me smile! So happy for you all:)

Rebekah said...

I love this. All true on this side, too. If only our six years ago selves could have known the fullness of today...how much easier the wait would have been!