Zoo Days

The local children's zoo has always been a big part of our lives since Declan was little. We didn't hesitate to get a membership this year as well even though jumping from 1 to 3 kids to run around after is no small task. After two hours, I want to collapse. Ha! But the boys love it so it will likely be part of our weekly routine as long as it's not 100 degrees. 
One week the boy's grandma (bio dad's stepmom) joined us. It's always fun to have Grandma J over as she is so playful with the boys and was the same at the zoo. Climb the spider web? No prob! ;)
Oh the train. Always a fave. We do it first and everyone loves it.
Leo the paper eating lion is an icon at the zoo. I remember feeding him when I was a little girl. Declan was teaching J bad habits in this pic. ;)

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