At the end of May we celebrated 11 years of marriage. Something feels extra exciting about this upcoming year. I'm not normally a huge numbers person but Mark's birthday is 11/11 and so this 11th year has to rock, no?! 

We got a swanky little hotel room in the Old.Market in Omaha and settled in at our favorite joint, Blue Sushi. Add in outdoor dining (our absolute fave) and the night was off to a perfect start.
We walked around a bit and saw this ice cream shop with a line out the door. Must be delish! It was!
We LOVE Vegas. No secret if you read this blog. We crossed over the boarder to Iowa to play some slots and it was short lived. Good people watching but I was sure I was getting lung cancer and I lost $20 in record time. Wah wah. 
On our way back to our hotel it was getting super late and I remembered this cute little place called Nosh. We went for drinks and got sucked in by the cheap "reverse happy hour" food. I realize we ate our whole trip. Ha! 
We picked up the littles from respite and Decs from the grandparents and headed home to meet "the real world" head on. Have I mentioned on here little boys get dirty a lot and my laundry duties are out.of.control?! Regardless, amazing anniversary. So grateful that I get to do life with my best friend. 

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