Towards the end of June we took a week+ staycation. The boy's daycare had Vacation Bible School so they were closed. Usually there is no way I can take off much work but since we stayed home I could sneak away at nap times and stay caught up. We ventured up to Mahoney.State.Park for a few days and rented a little cabin there. It was full of dirt, bike rides, fishing, swimming and junk food. I will admit towards the end fatigue took hold and some of the boys rode the crazy train. We ended packing up early our last day to get home and re-center. It's hard to be reminded, once again, transitions roughen the seas a bit for our littles. Once home, they de-boarded the crazy train and we had such a great weekend together. We both look back fondly on our little staycation. 
The boys rode up and down and down and up for what seemed like hours. We knew all our little cabin neighbors before the trip was up. We even met another 5 year old Declan. Cray.
On the last night the crazy train was full of all 3 small little passengers and we ended up hauling out bowls of water and random things and they made a huge mud pit. They loved it. #boyswillbeboys
Mahoney has a great pool with wave pool, slides, a huge kiddo area and more. Unfortunately a storm was a brewin' so our time there was short. The boys still talk about the wave pool.
I loved watching movies with Declan when the littles went to bed. We snuggled up and enjoyed our time together. There was no internet, no Facebook, nothing to distract. What cute little face. I just want to kiss it a million times.
Back home we started doing two-a-days at the pool. Our gym has a fabulous outdoor pool so we never feel bad going back in the evening when the heat makes you want to stay inside. The boys made friends quickly and I even connected with some past foster moms who's boys were on a play date. They were very encouraging. Small world.  

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Rebekah said...

We got back from vacation a few days ago and IT WAS EXHAUSTING. I'm sure we are dealing with similar insecurities. That coupled with the baby's schedule had us ready to be home, too! :)