We are in a really fun season of life right now. Completely exhausting but fun. I love having 3 kids. It makes each little event or thing a little more exciting (or stressful depending on the situation- ha!) We had a chaotic summer and my busy job was partly to blame for that. Sundays tended to take the biggest hit. Now that things are slowing down, Sunday nights are movie night. This is only our 3rd week but the boys look forward to and ask about it. Popcorn may possibly be the reason they actually sit and take in the movie. Oh well- I just enjoy the family all smooshed together on the couch with no phones or distractions. 

The past few Christmases I've wanted to do an Advent calendar but haven't. My friend made these cute calendars with different cards for each night...complete with a game or task on back. Not sure how much a 2, 3 and 6 year old are soaking in, but it's a good time to sit in front of the fire each night and talk God. 
I look at my little brood and dream of game nights, football in the front yard, and many more times celebrating life together. So blessed. So overwhelmed by God's goodness. So worth the stress, uncertainty and turbulence to get right here. 

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