This Thanksgiving was one of my favorites. It was simple and laid back and my sister decided, on a whim, to fly in from the Virgin Islands to spend 2 days with us. The boys decided that meant Aunt Kellie gets to help with the tree. So fun and sweet to watch them all interact. 
"K" has likely not ever decorated a tree. He went to town. All those low lying, clustered ornaments remain in their places today. I normally rearrange and make it cuter but I can't imagine a more imperfectly perfect tree. 
On Thanksgiving day Aunt Kellie coordinated baking some of our favorite cookies from childhood--sugar cookies with red hots. So random but so yummy. The boys really like to bake. It's usually messy  and on the brink of disaster but it's something intentional I get to do with them and I love that. 
My sister. I wished she lived here but I can't imagine her not living on the island so our visits are full and activity and always great. Her next visit? Our boy's adoptions! Woot!
Another big reason Thanksgiving was so wonderful is that my grandparents moved back from New York. We got to sit around and tell old stories and it did my heart good to see my boys all interacting with their great grandparents. 
This is the first picture of the 3 sibs in a long time. Love love.

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