To chop or grow? That is the question!

I have a real serious subject here. Ok, not really...but, I'm not sure what to do next with my hair. Here is a bit of my recent history. I grew my hair out forever last year. I normally have short or medium length hair. Here is right before I chopped it off to donate 10+ inches to Pantene Beautiful Lengths (they make wigs for cancer patients, etc...everyone should do it :) ):

I roped in my sister-in-law to do it and it was a good time!! The day of the "big cut":

Here I am checking out my new cut:

I really loved it! Here is the first night I had my new short locks:

SOOOOOOOooooooooo....do I start growing it out long again or go short?? Right now it's about an inch or more longer than the last picture (basically a grown out version of the hairstyle after I chopped it last). I really want to go away from the popular bob so, if I stay short, I'll want to do something slightly different. BUT...I could grow it out again! I can't decide!! I sort of miss my pony tail and if I'm going to be a mommy in the next couple months, it'd be nice to be able to throw it in a pony tail. But, having it short cuts down in shampooing, drying out and styling time. Hmmm... thoughts!?!

Also, I'm getting my hair colored for the first time in over a year. Right now it's a natural boring brown. Here is 4 years ago when I went nuts with blonde:

I won't probably go THAT blonde, but any thoughts on how blond to color it? Thanks in advance for your opinions!! :)


Missy Kirby said...

I have always loved your hair short---I think you are one of the select few who can pull off just about any short hairstyle. But I understand how you would want to be able to pull it back in to a pony tail because i love my pony tail, too. Good luck with the decision, sorry i'm not much help

We should chat sometime...anytime better than others to call?

Megan said...

I like your hair short--it fits your sassy personality! Of course, I am a little biased to shorter hair. ;)

joy-filled said...

If you decide you want to grow your hair out, you always have the option of cutting it short anywhere along the way. But, if you are going to do the mommy thing soon, I've gotta say that short hair is the way to go. Long hair seems ideal with the ponytail option and all, but the styling time (even if just a ponytail) is so much longer. I'd suggest getting some funky layers and some chunky colors! You'd look awesome! And you could really pull it off! You're as fun as they come right now, but that would make you look even more so! Then in a pinch just wet it down real quick, throw some gel in it and go! That's what I do at least. :) I'm super low maintenance with hair though, so I might not be the best person to ask. ;) Your hair always looks cute and styled!

Lollipop Goldstein said...

I feel like long hair is always less work than short (less upkeep?). Maybe long for ease?

And you're already on the blogroll :-) I found you back in January.

EmilyLove said...

Ash, I LOVE your short hair! I think you look more professional and it totally fits your personality and face shape better. That's what I think about YOU- I obviously don't have the courage to chop my hair, but I absolutely love your hair short. It looks super cute smooth and you can wear it curly and that looks super sassy! As far as color... it depends on how much "upkeep" you want. If it is the case that you become a mama here pretty soon, you may not want to have to get your regrowth done as often, but I think some more blond and maybe some more chocolatey brown pieces in there would be pretty. I say, if you're going to pay quite a bit for the color, you want it noticeably different. But that's me :) I'm sure Em W. will give you some great advice tomorrow too :) I'm excited to see what you do!

Amber said...

Okay, I am going to vote for the short 'do. I MISS my ponytail, especially when it is really hot or windy, but short hair is easier, hands down. I cut about 10 inches in March or April and we were reading a book last night with family photos in it and our son said, "who is that" because I had my head turned! I felt so beautiful with my long hair, (did I just say I felt beautiful?!? That is really not like me, I am so self-conscious!) I do like a lot of blond highlights, which I need to have mine done again BTW. www.freewebs.com/thedyerbaby

Rebekah said...

New hairstyles are top on my list of favorite things. You look super cute blonde and brunette! The problem is that the in-between stage sucks. That's exactly where I'm at. I had a super short v-type bob for about a year and a half. Now I want it long...but it's still growing out in that v-shape! It looks pretty funky most of the time! I'm growing mine long for mommy purposes. When my hair is short I have to style it all the time, going long is much more kid friendly! Maybe keep it the same length but funk it up with chunky highlights or something to change it up.

Tracey said...


km said...

Well, I miss my ponytail only when I work out otherwise I'm totally loving having a change. But, I had long hair for years and years it seams. I think it's the best length for possible mommy upkeep where you are cuz I know when mine was just a tad shorter I'd wake up with way crazier bedhead but now it's getting better and less time to fix. Oh, and I'm all for the chunky, drastic color/highlights.

Mama Bear said...

I love it short! and I really like the blonde!