Dear Stomach Flu,

I hate you. I feel like I'm dying. Thanks for ruining my good nights sleep and waking me at 4am with a vengeance. Thank you for making the nausea so strong that I can't even rest today. Thanks for laughing at all my extra hand washing and sanitizing by finding and killing my weekend anyways. Oh, and leave my son and husband alone.

Your not-biggest fan,


Rebekah said...

So sorry! I HATE having the flu - it's the worst kind of sickness. Hang in there and feel better soon :(

Jess said...

Feel better soon!

Montefusco Family said...

Oh you poor thing!
I hope that the rest of your house can manage to stay healthy.
Get well soon!

GreenEggsNHam said...

Oh I'm so sorry!
Hope you feel better soon...