25 Things About Me

This random little ditty has swept Facebook so I thought I would post it here as well.

1. I am obsessed with reality TV. It's an illness. As it's gotten more popular, there are definitely some extra stupid/pointless reality shows I can't watch but my faves are: Bachelor, Kitchen Nightmares, Survivor, Real World, Work Out, several real estate ones, Apprentice, Celebrity Rehab, Hopkins, The Hills, etc, etc.
2. Mark and are a total "dog people" but I'm still a little anxious about dogs I don't know...especially little yappers. We will most likely always have at least 1 boxer.
3. I'm a worrier and have irrational fears. I hate flying, being on a boat, being on a subway or bus, small spaces, riding in cars with others with the heat super high or on icy roads. The list goes on and on. Weird, I know.
4. The unpredictability of my full commission sales job is what I love the most and what I hate the most about it. Also, I'm the only one in my company that does not have a college degree and I'm also the youngest.
5. I have emetophobia. It's the fear of vomiting or being around vomit. My husband diagnosed me but I googeled it and it's me 100%. My mind gets stuck on it when I'm around someone that's recently had the stomach flu or if I ate something that might be "bad". Sometimes I think I'm going to get sick and my husband reminds me "it's all in my head". Then, I feel better. Totally nutso, huh?
6. I grew up in Texas until 2nd grade but I still consider myself "from Texas" because those were my most impressionable years. I don't have any accent but still use the word y'all.
7. I have an insatiable sweet tooth. I love anything peanut butter and the richer the better (not for my hips).
8. I have a craigslist addiction. I love finding good deals. Yet, I hate garage selling. Hmm.
9. I'm serious about recyling and finding ways to be less wasteful like using metal water bottles, rags instead of paper towels and "green" cleaners. BUT...I will not do cloth diapers. The thought of it grosses me out (all power to those that do them).
10. My dad was the first husband EVER allowed in to the operating room during a c-section. He and I are featured in a newspaper article to prove it.
11. I played soccer until high school but stopped due to a knee injury. I always regret not going back after my knee healed. I think if I would have focused on the sport, I could have possibly played in college.
12. School annoys me. I prefer the school of life.
13. Though I'm really outgoing, I have stage fright. I was a narrator for singing/drama group in high school and my heart was always pounding out of my chest.
14. I feel the most sane when my house is super clean but I've never cared about our master bedroom. Clothes are constantly on the floor and I could care less.
15. I take wayyyy too many pictures and always have. It irritates my husband but I'm convinced one day he'll thank me.
16. My secret ambition is to own my own company- I'd love to be a photographer or graphic designer or something creative. I can also see myself selling a niche product. Whatever it may be, I'd love to run a business with Mark and pass it on to my kids.
17. I own 3 sizes of clothes at all times. My weight fluctuates ridiculously. I'm either totally "on" and crazy about eating right and exercising or totally "off" and don't care. Ug. I'm working on learning moderation in '09. It's going good so far.
18. Struggling with infertility was the toughest thing I've ever done...until I experienced the waiting and uncertainties of open adoption. My #1 peeve is people that take having children for granted (and those that talk about how easy they can have children around those that they know have struggled to conceive).
19. I love seeing how people live. It's probably why I read a million blogs. I love seeing their pictures and hearing their stories. It's probably why I love selling real estate too. Touring homes is always entertaining.
20. I wish I spoke Spanish and Italian. Mark and I took a Spanish class last year but dropped out.
21. My favorite days are laid back college football Saturdays. Nothing beats them.
22. I don't try different alcohols. I'm set in my ways for the most part- red wine, margaritas, diet jack & coke, colorado bulldogs, martinis. Beer: gag.
23. I'm told that I'm a picky eater. I don't really think I'm THAT bad. Some of the things I won't eat: olives, tomatoes, bacon, non-skim milk, most red meat (I only eat ground beef...no steak, roast) baked beans, etc.
24. Mark was my only real boyfriend (I don't count a short 9th grade "relationship"). I'm proud I didn't really date and I attribute it to a close relationship with my dad and some really close guy friends.
25. We plan to adopt another baby when Declan is 2 (the earliest our agency allows us to enter the waiting pool). We'd love to do international adoption for #2, but can't imagine affording it so soon.

Declan asleep at the LOUDEST basketball game ever last week (Nebraska vs. Kansas). He's holding his daddy's hand *sniff sniff*.


KimboSue said...

LMAO. I fell for this on FB too...there's a link on my bloggy blog if you would like to be-friend me!

Katie said...

#10 is so cool.
loved your list!

Doublebanker said...

Not a fanatic of the reality shows...used to watch The Mole religously in the old life before kids :)

Haven't been tagged for this yet, and would have trouble getting to 25 :)

Cat walks on water


Interesting Karate Kick

Stefan, Sarah and Lukka said...

Oh.My.Gosh. I have never heard of emetophobia, but I HAVE IT TOO! I can't be around people who have had the flu NOR people who don't feel good and then even start to cough! haha, but, thankfully, I didn't mind when Lu spit up (cuz, ya know, babies tend to do that a LOT!). However, Stefan recently had the stomach flu and I couldn't go to the bathroom/shower/etc. in the bathroom until he completely bleached it--I had to go to my mom's! SOO STUPID but it's true! I have never met someone else who has this fear!

Jess said...

Oh gosh, yes. Reality. Survivor started it for me and now the Hills, Bromance (finale was tongiht!), The city....

I can't stop! I need help!

Flying, too, is a big one for me. Subways arent much better.

Ditto the pictures, too! :)

That pic of Declan is adorable.

Sam said...

I have loved reading all of these on facebook - I have learned so much about people. Thanks for sharing yours!

HS @ Our Debt Blog said...

OMG! love the picture of your baby! I read some of your journey, you are amazing! we are trying for a baby and nothing happens, the stress is taking a toll on me... hopefully there's a little treasure for us out there,

I wish you and your family the best :)