Ashley needs...

So, this is hilarious....You go to google.com and type in your first name and then the word "needs". Then transfer over the first 8 things that come up.

Here's mine:

Ashley needs an escape.
Ashley needs you like she needs water in her lungs.
Ashley needs to get something off her chest.
Ashley needs to get a new agent.
Ashley needs a nap.
Ashley needs to take control of his club.
Ashley needs prayer.
Ashley needs Zac to reach out and touch her.

My favorite is FOR SURE that "Ashley needs you like she needs water in her lungs". Niiice.

Here's Declans:

Declan needs to be over on the right to be able to see everyone else.
Declan needs a good shower.
Declan needs to work on his bedside manner.
Declan needs to avoid nuance like the plague.
Declan needs Connor to show him the ropes.
Declan needs to gain 70 more Vampire points to reach the next level.
Declan needs a hair cut.
Declan needs to be with Lori.

Oh brother!! I have so many favorites in Declan's list. Hmm..I really like that he needs to work on his bedside manner! ;)

What do you need? Do a google search and type a few of the things you need in my comment section!


Jess said...


Jessica needs....
-therapy. (hehehehe)
-to read this STAT.
-your help.
-comfort food. (who doesn't?)
-cranberry juice, stat. (uhhhh)
-a new manager. (me too, I think you and I have the same one, though.!)
-a root touchup. (lies, my hair isn't colored)
-to be spanked. (hmmmmmmm)

Ava needs...
-our prayers!!
-better skin. (lies, hers is lovely, it's Ethan that needs this!)
-to decide the best location blah blah blah....
-a change. (hope not, she's in bed!)
-our help. (well she IS a baby)
-diaper changed (again....)
-to decide blah blah blah again
-a change. (I think they're really trying to tell me something here)

Ethan needs...
-a prom date. (they grow up so FAST!)
-our help. (Just like Ava)
-a transplant or he'll be dead in weeks. (I HOPE NOT!!!)
-a prom date. (Still? Someone have pity on the boy!)
-glasses. (Poor kid can't catch a break!)
-more prayer, please (obviously!!)
-50k to face the future. (probably more, actually)
-a prom date. (ENOUGH already, he's going to just have to go with his SISTER if he's so desperate!!!)

Melba said...

This is too funny, here's mine for "Melanie" rather than my nickname of Melba:

Melanie needs...to accept that no one is self-sufficient all the time

Melanie needs...to find a happy medium between being a strong female and being overzealous

Melanie needs...help in the morning (I LOVE THIS ONE!)

Melanie needs...to add some sparkle and colour back to her wardrobe

Melanie needs...to hire someone to fix this mess (my other favorite!)

Eileen said...

That is too funny...I'll have to try it. The picture of D is precious!

Danielle said...

I am cracking up! Here are a few favorites

Danielle needs...

-to be attuned to how she's feeling
-a nudge
-our prayers
-water (HA!)

Declan is getting more precious every day! The Wordless Wednesday posts have to become a permanent fixture. Not that I don't enjoy reading your posts, but the pictures are just priceless! What a blessing he is :)

Simply Complex said...

Jennifer needs...
...to accept that she’s gained what looks like some major pounds (um, great).
...a smack daddy
...to date men her age
...a shave. (I got robbed here people!)

Anonymous said...

my favorites are "Karen needs a lobotomy fund" and "Karen needs some gin" (from Will & Grace). Fun :)

Tracey said...

Tracey needs:

-her mama
-our help
- a warrior
-an assistant
-a lot of money

Becky said...

Fun! I will have to do this.
If you get a moment, will you give me your thoughts on my post about offering an Infertility Bible study group. I appreciate the feedback you've given me when I spoke to MOPS groups! I used it!