9 months old

Declan is:
-a little under 18 lbs. He lost some weight when he got diarrhea bad from his Amoxicillin. He measures in the 5th percentile for weight but the 60th in height. Can you say string bean?
-transitioning out of 6/9 month shirts (they're too short) and in to 12 month shirts (they look like tents but the length is right. He's wearing size 3 shoes and is about to outgrow his size 3 diapers.
-getting pickier about the foods he'll eat (ug). He likes bananas, pears, blueberry flavored things and isn't a big fan of veggies and meats. He eats primarily purees still but loves puffs, organic vanilla cookies, waffles, toast and veggie crackers. We are instructed to still stay away from all dairy until he's 1. 
-no longer happy being contained in our living room. He screams like you cut his arm off until you let him roam free. We are slowly child-proofing but need to do much more.
-cruising furniture and standing with one hand support. I wouldn't be shocked if he walked early. 
-extremely fearless. Enough said.
-very strong willed. He wants what he wants when he wants it. He can go from laughing to screaming in 2 seconds.  If I try to put him down and he's not completely exhausted, he will scratch my face and grab my hair and throw his pacifier at me.
-hates getting his diaper changed. He twists his body and cries. I think he's irritated that I'm taking a 2 minute break from his active lifestyle. :)
-sleeping better! Hallelujah!! Even though he's tougher to get down, he sleeps 8-7:30 pretty consistently. 
-a big flirt. He will smile and gab to any stranger. 


Melba said...

wow...nine months already, where has the time gone?? He is adorable, too cute for words really!

Sounds like he is keeping you busy and on your toes...hang in there!


Anonymous said...

Happy 9 months Declan! It's fun to look ahead and see what Evie might be doing in a month...sounds like his body type is exactly opposite hers! :) You got great photos, he is scrumptious.

Doripink said...

Happy 9 months sweet boy! You are too cute for words...can you and DJ PLEASE stop growing so fast!
Mommy and I need a little more baby time!

Simply Complex said...

Are you sure you are talking about your baby? Huh. Really, really sure?

I was just telling TD the other day that we have to get all the cords off of the floor cause our child will not. sit. still.

And he is getting a little too bold standing up on things, trying to dive off the bed, and thinking that he can walk all by himself...

I swear, Declan and Grayson are two peas in a pod.

TXMom2B said...

I felt like I was reading about my own kiddo; they are so alike. Declan is such a cutie!