Good times...

This weekend was really relaxing. I didn't have any appointments for work (which is rare) so we took full advantage of that and stayed busy. A little recap:
*Friday night Mark went to a concert with his cousin and I watched Bride.Wars after Decs went to bed. It was a great chick flick. 
*Saturday we ventured down to our Farmer's Market. It was super busy and super HOT. Hello, humidity...I've not missed you. I love love love my big bouquet of flowers we got there:
*We spent the rest of the day cleaning and relaxing. That night we watched a few episodes of West.Wing. We've been trying to get through the entire series but have slacked since little man joined our lives. 
*Sunday we stayed home from church to keep Declan away from nursery (see below) but went to the zoo with D's birthmom. We had a great time. Not sure Decs was all that excited yet about the animals but hopefully he takes to them soon. The Children's Zoo in our city is about 2 minutes from our house. Pictured below is Decs with his birthmom:
This picture is sentimental because this weird looking Lion (named Leo the Lion) has been at the Children's Zoo since I was young. He talks to you and says he likes to eat paper. His mouth sucks in paper and for some reason I thought that was about the coolest thing ever when I was little. Declan is checking him out:
*This picture is a good representation of our last week. We've been spending lots of time outside trying to distract our little sicky from screaming his head off. He's been battling his first ear infection and hand/foot/mouth. Poor guy can't catch a break because he's starting a cold too. 
*Sunday afternoon my fabulous husband encouraged me to get out alone so I went for a wonderfully relaxing hour long pedicure. Ahhhh. It was great.
*I came home to a screaming 9-month-old so we went out to Target to pick up child proofing stuff and then sat outside at Chipotle and enjoyed a nice dinner. Declan ate about 113 puffs to keep from being a mess but overall did great. 
*Mark had a couple people over so I hung out and watched a movie from our new ultra comfortable king sized bed. Let me just say- Marley.&.Me is really good but keep the tissues near. I sobbed at the end...especially because our dogs are our children to us too. Good flick. 

I'm loving these busy weekends!


nunface said...

i love your blog. please keep writing. your child is seriously so freaking cute. also, since reading this post i have decided to not be productive today and instead watch marley and me, which I started a few weeks ago and havent had time to finish.

Rebekah said...

Sounds like a great weekend! How cool that you were able to get together with Declan's birthmom - We're many hours away from Rebekah, but I hope we're able to do that too!

Kristin said...

It was really good to see you down there. We HAVE to get together soon, huh?! I love how we give our kids food to keep them quiet for just a few so we can eat a somewhat quiet dinner. :)

Simply Complex said...

Hmm, I think we have those shorts.

And now I am dying for some Chipotle. Yum, yum.

p.s. I just love how you are still in touch with Decs birthmom. How wonderful for everyone. More peeps to love the little one!