Biter biscuit love.

How do busy parents get a sane minute to eat? Biter biscuits!!! Though Declan thoroughly coats himself in a crust of biscuit, it's worth the quiet time to eat dinner. 

"Mom...hurry up...I'm eating the strap here:"
"Hey Jack- look what I got:"
"You wanna try??"
"I'm all out, Sophs!"
I can't believe how long his legs are getting! These pant-less pictures show his long skinny legs perfectly. Soooo cute! I need to get up a video of his dancing. It's hysterical. 

On the sleeping front, we have our 8pm-8am baby back!!! Unfortunately we found out it wasn't his cold or his teeth that interrupted his sleep for 3 weeks. It was his formula! Ug. So, yes, that means we're back to the uber expensive Ali.mentum. We switched him back to it and he slept perfectly that night. I'm sad to know his tummy was in turmoil for so long but happy to know we figured it out (ahem- Grandma and Nana figured it out). 

We have all the proper documents turned in and we're waiting to hear the court date for Declan's adoption finalization!! Woot woot! Oh, and I'm starting to toss around ideas for Declan's FIRST BIRTHDAY party. How'd that happen?? 


Rebekah said...

Love the photo montage. I'll keep those biscuits in mind! :)

Mrs H said...

LOVE the last picture! I don't even know the him and it makes me want to print it out and hang it on the fridge! How could you not smile looking at that happy face??

Anonymous said...

Great photos! My favorites are the ones with the dogs, you did a great job telling a story with them (will make a great scrapbook layou) :) Now that it's summer I might try teething biscuits with Evie. I'll put her outside in a dry kiddie pool in just a disposable diaper because I've heard they make a colossal mess (unless they are fed to the dog, of course) :)

becklaw said...

that bandana is RIDICULOUSLY cute! Hope you can sneak away on Father's Day for an hour or so (with or sans Decs) for my baby shower.....it's the only day I can have it and the only time i'll be in Nebraska til Christmas! Love you lots!

Erin Dietrich said...

Love the do-rag!

Doripink said...

SOOOO cute! DJ LOVES those biter biscuits as well but since he has no teeth he gums it to death!!! It gets ALLL over him...terrible mess but so much fun!

Montefusco Family said...

So flippin' cute!
Mariana loves biter biscuits too and man she makes a holy mess with them. It's worth it though, for the peace and quiet I get and the great snack that she gets.

Oh & I can't believe it, 1st birthdays already!!! Holy moley!

birthmothertalks said...

Too cute!!!