Blizzard #3, thankyouverymuch

I love Nebraska. I really do. Except the blistering hot summers and freeze-your-nosehair winters. It all comes with the territory. We do have wonderful weather for about 50 cumulative days a year. 

Right now, blizzard #3 is working it magic all over town. Schools closed, my appointments all postponed to days where the windchill isn't below 30 (I sell real estate and people aren't much for looking at houses when your tromping through tons of snow trying not to get frostbite), and us trapped inside. You see- I'm a little bit of a type A, need to interact with more than just a toddler type. Even if it's a trip to Super Targ.et. 

This is all leading up to the point of my post. Declan was getting pretty bored with the confines of our living room today. This happens to little boys who get up early and don't take a very long nap but that's beside the point. So I thought we'd change it up and go hang out in the bathroom. Ha! That sounds redonkulous. After a little hair styling (toothbrush given for entertainment) I decided a photo session was in order. So- setting the scene- small toddler on bathroom counter with unusually over-styled hair chomping on toothbrush and mommy on a little red step stool snapping pictures like it's a Gap ad. In walks daddy early from work. "Um...babe...watcha doin'??" [confused look on face] 

Stir crazy, much?


Kayla Joy said...

that's the cutest little toothbrush model I have EVER seen! [nice hair too!]

Rebekah said...

Comparable to any GAP ad I've ever seen! :)

happymomof2 said...

PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!! Send us some snow in KY!!!! I LOVE snow- we are suppose to get 2-4 her starting tomorrow morning (I know that is probably not much compared to what you all get) but around her people act all crazy stocking up on bread and milk. Of course since the big mistake of 1994 (when all the weatherman were predicting a dusting and we got DUMPED on 17 inches- which is A LOT for us at one time!)the over predict so we will probably only get a dusting to an inch:( The kiddos and I want a good snow to play in:) Take care and hope you all are able to get out of the house soon- although I would love to see some more photo sessions;)