Sophie Mae

Miss Sophie Mae is the other adopted member of our family.
She is ADORABLE, quirky, sweet and loyal.
She's obsessed with evening walks which hasn't happened in weeks since it's 20 below.
{So she cries at the door until she realizes it's not going to happen}
Sophie was scared of everyone and everything when we adopted her at 4 years old. Over 2 years later she's 80% rehabilitated from most her fears.
We love her.


LaceFace said...

Aw. She's a cutie! We have an adopted dog child too, she's 90 percent rehabbed from her prior life. She still gets antsy every now and then.

jenicini said...

We've been taking ours out in the backyard and having her chase balls in lie of a walk since it is freezing! Not quite as much fun as a walk, but it's a good fill in that tires her out. :)

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

Look at those eyes!! SO cute. :)

Simply Complex said...

Aren't boxers the best? She is so pretty!

E said...

Oh man...that face! How adorable. Makes me want to run out and get one:)