Beautiful Blogger - awww shucks

I'm thankful to have received a Beautiful Blogger award from three fellow adoptive mamas. Their blogs are some of my favorites to read and keep up on Nora, Charlie and Samuel:

There are a few rules to this reward. 1-Thank the person that gave it to you. 2-Nominate 15 other bloggers that you think are great. 3-Post 7 things about yourself.

7 Things About Me:

1. I love Vegas, but only in small doses. I've never "clubbed" or done anything uber crazy there-- we just love to go to shows, lay out at the pool, eat good food and people watch. 
2. I'm fairly open on my blog but there are definitely untouchable subjects and I do choose to keep specifics about our relationship with Dec's birth parents pretty private. 
3. In the same vein, we've had some interesting job related craziness over here (in addition to the previous company closing my husband endured). I'll blog about it some day. It's great now, so no worries....I've just had no desire to hang it all out on here [yet]. 
4. In general, our house is pretty picked up. BUT- our master bedroom is a different story. I would say it's borderline disastrous. Sigh.
5. On the house front, I'm sooo excited that we decided to stay at our house and not move up last year when we had planned to. Now, we're refinanced to a super low payment and are making big plans to finish the basement and make some other facelifts. Woo hoo!
6. I'm a light sleeper and all elements need to be right (the fan, the covers, the pillow, all noises) for me to sleep well. Oh, the Ambien doesn't hurt either). I'm jealous of those that can fall asleep on the spot.
7. I love love LOVE my photography classes...not just the knowledge but all the interesting people I'm meeting. My teacher is such a character the shared passion for learning among the students is fabulous encouragement to keep moving on though I feel like I have no time!!

{I'm responding to this award pretty late so I'm not going to do any nominating but I love all my beautiful blogger friends!! Your support, stories, laughs, etc are huge to me.}

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