The Big One

For some reason I feel like 18 months is such a BIG monthversary. It's the passage of my baby to a true toddler. A few fun facts (so I can later copy this in to his baby book):
...is just over 23 lbs and wearing 18 month shirts and 18-24 month pants. He's still our string bean (with a chubby face).
...is talking constantly- only 25% of it is understandable so there are lots of "oh really?" and "tell me more!!" around our parts. 
...is obsessed with anything that is NOT a toy. He has a special focus on expensive items- our imac, Mark's xbox, our TV. Repeat after me: "redirect, redirect, redirect." 
...is a fabulous sleeper *knocking on wood*. He goes down 9pm-ish and sleeps until 8am-9am. He sleeps 2-3 hours in the afternoon. He goes down easily and rarely awakes (and if he does, it's for a paci).
...is exploding with energy 24/7. This is not new, but just more exhausting as his confidence and curiosity peak.
...is the light of our lives. He is hilarious, expressive, loving, bonkers, happy, emotional, and has us totally wrapped around his tiny finger. 
Deckers, I pray that I could view the world half as vibrantly as you do everyday. You bring us more love than we could have ever known. Happy 18 months, munchkin. Mama is tossing around ideas already for your 2nd birthday bash. 


Simply Complex said...

Wow, all of that could have come from my mouth about our G. (except for the weight and clothes size part)

Declan is such a handsome boy! I hope you guys are doing well these days.

p.s. Is his Pedi giving you any trouble over his light weight? And how tall is he right now?

Anonymous said...

What a cutie! I love these little lists of the here and now. I wish I would have done more of them.

Laura said...

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Melba said...

18 months does seem big...happy "monthday" to your little man!


Patti said...

Adorable, as always :) 18 months is big; no more baby.

E said...

18 months is a big milestone! He is just too cute.