The big 3-0.

My husband turned 30 on Thursday. For a mixed bag of reasons (mostly work/economy related), 30 feels like a welcomed fresh page in a still blessed book. I made as big of a deal as a laid back person would let me make. Thursday we took him to lunch and I *surprised him with this sinfully delicious cookie at life group.

*The cookie was a surprise until a not-to-be-named 2 year old told him about it at the before mentioned b.day lunch. I made him wait until life group to see the design.

The grand finale was tonight's big bash with both sides of our families. The menu consisted of spaghetti and meatballs, manicotti, garlic bread and salad. YUM. Though a zoo, it is always such fun to get our big family together and Mark is a great reason to do so!

The cake. Hubs loves his xbox. 'Nough said. And, no, I didn't make it. I'm not nearly that talented.
 Such a sweet moment with Decs and his daddy. In full disclosure, this was right before Declan grabbed a lit candle. We all screamed "NO" at the same time. Tears ensued. 
 Mark, 30 is already sooo good on you. I'm such a lucky girl.

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DannieA said...

awwww such fun! FWIW, I love my 30s. At age 30 I bought my home and started my adoption application and all that...31 my girl arrived and at 32 will finalize.

May the 30s bring great things into your lives :)