It's beginning to (feel) a lot like Christmas...

I ran in to Hobby Lobby today to grab some items for a project (more on that later). Holy smokes has Christmas taken over. I've got to admit I'm a little giddy about decorating this weekend!! I started thinking/panicking about Christmas cards because I've taken everyone's pictures and neglected to take our's and it's now freeeezing in good ole' Nebraska. Shoot. My bad. Regardless, I'll try to pin down the hyper munchkin dressed in something cute and use that for a card. For printing and a creative push, I have used Shutterfly 3 times and always loved their designs.

Check out their HUGE selection of cards this year. I'm considering this homemade calendar this year. Such a great idea! And, to add that extra special touch, aren't these personalized gift tags too cute?

I'm so excited to receive 50 FREE cards of my choice from Shutterfly!!! Guess what?! You can too!!! If you're a blogger, check this out!

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Kristin said...

I've been slowing pulling "fall" stuff down and telling myself I can't put up Christmas until at least today...now i have a sick baby so probably tomorrow or sat. Can't wait!