I think we are a little obsessed.

Remember the amazing chicken tacos? We still eat them about every other week. They are that good. My best friend is excessively in love with all things pumpkin and told me about our latest obsession. Get a pen handy, these muffins are complex:

Yummy Moist Pumpkin Muffins
1 box of yellow cake mix (only the mix- not the water, oil, etc)
1 can pumpkin (smaller one)
1-2 tsp cinnamon (to your taste)
Mix together (batter is thick) and cook at 400 for about 17-18 minutes. Makes about 2 dozen delicious muffins. My bestie makes mini muffins too. She also adds walnuts but my hubby likes them sans walnuts so that's how I do it. 

Husband and 2 year old approved. Happy Fall.


Breen said...

Those sound yummy. Do you add the ingredients on the yellow cake mix box? or is the pumpkin all the moisture it needs?

Tracey... said...

Thanks I'll try them this weekend.

Rebekah said...

Mmmmm.....Thanks!! I've got a whole crew coming in for Thanksgiving - this sounds like a winner!

RB said...

Sounds fabulous! I think I may try this today :) Do you use the smaller can of pumpkin or the larger can?