Happy Halloween, ummm, errr...

If you need us, we'll be home. All night. Boooooooooo (a sad "boo", not a ghost "boo"). Unfortunately, Mr. Declan has a 103+ temperature and is pretty miserable. I'm so glad we decided to venture out Friday night to our local Boo at the Zoo. It was a blast and Decs was in awe of all the characters! I guess, for this year,  Boo at the Zoo was his little taste of Halloween.

So, without further adieu, here's our precious little pirate:

Previous Halloweens

2008, our little dragon:

2009, our adorable newsie:
Declan the newsie


Simply Complex said...

Oooh, poor little man. I hope he feels better soon. I'm glad you were at least able to get out and take advantage of that awesome pirate costume.

We got hit with something nasty on Thursday- us and the neighbors but no one ever ran a fever, though there was other sorts of yuck happening. What took us 24 hours to get over G-man is still under the weather with but he is at least mobile and coherent now, so I think we will give tonight a whirl.

Anonymous said...

Poor Declan! I hope he feels better soon; he makes a dashing pirate boy! That newsie photo has got to be one of the cutest things on the planet; don't you just want to bottle them up at that age and keep them forever at that borderline between baby and kid?