go....big....red: GO BIG RED

Today we took Declan down to experience what every true Nebraskan knows and loves: Memorial Stadium on game day. No, we aren't bananas, we didn't take him to the game, just the pre-game hoopla. My parents were volunteering at a face/hair paint booth and they kindly took him home as the game started. Some faves from the day:
Just chatting with Aunt Jess about footballs.

How'd the game turn out? I forgot. That or I've blocked out the painful memories. 


Simply Complex said...

Wow, you guys are serious there in Nebraska. Here in MO, there's nothing to celebrate when it comes to sports. We all like teams in other states and our stadiums NEVER look like that!

Christy said...

Looks like you had a great time! We were just in Omaha, returning last night, and were able to experience first hand some die-hard Nebraska fans. Single minded is a phrase that comes to mind!