26 months (!!)

Deck-an (as he pronounces it) is 26 months today. Time continues to fly. Today, he accompanied me to a photo shoot and, when we arrived early, I took advantage of the gorgeous back drop and snapped away. 
This past month, you:
-popped the last of your 2 year molars (thank you, Lord)
-count everything!
-sleep tons: 9pm-9am or 10am plus 2+ hour nap
-started learning colors
-now wear 3T pants and 2-3T shirts, size 4 diapers, size 7.5 shoe
-still love balls but are now obsessed with pumpkins and the moon

We adore you, Decs. Your spunk, curiosity and zest for everything bring us so much joy.


Patti said...

Holy cow, is he ever adorable!!

And, can you tell me your sleep secret? lol! Jeb has never, and will never be a good sleeper, but I'm wondering what I can do to maybe encourage the next baby (whenever they come along) to be a better sleeper. If Jeb had been a good sleeper, I'd have a dozen kids, but he's almost 3 and sleep still sucks and I'm terrified of a repeat!!

DannieA said...

I don't remember the author but this post reminded me of a quote

"What a blessing it is to come home to a child".

Enjoy! Beautiful pictures!