Imaginative Play

Last night at my parents, in between kicking balls, collecting acorns and fighting a nap, Declan happened upon Christopher. Christopher is my childhood doll that looks way too similar to a real baby. Declan came out of the play room burping him and asked that I come help him put him "night-night" in the crib. After Christopher's brief nap, my dad offered up some good Papa/Declan Duplo time but Declan first had to go get the baby doll and (with much effort) he drug out a "floor play" toy for real infants. I snapped this picture to document his first real obvious imaginative play.

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dristy said...

ahhahahahaha! aaww i never saw any of my baby boy relatives doing that much justice to a baby-like doll.

well, if i have a baby boy doing that i'll be definitely joining him